to empower all minds

The Izabel Lam Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Izabel Lam to provide knowledge and opportunities to bridge the gap between creativity and technology.

The TEAM 3D Project was created to introduce the cutting edge technology of 3D PRINTING to all who are interested, especially children in underprivileged environments, with an objective to inspire curiosity for them to further explore and expand on an infinite horizon of opportunities - opportunities for creations that will improve lives and make the world a better place for all.

3D printing was first developed in the 1980's,  since then it has matured and is widely available to hobbyists and consumers.   The technology has limitless applications : new designs in 3D printing are discovered and invented every day in lightning speed.

3D Printer to build houses

House of Mud

3d hand print

Human Hand

Building construction with 3d printing

Eco-Friendly Houses

Printed chair in 3d technology

Modernist Chair

Prosthesis printed in 3D

Prosthetic for Ducks

Ramps for wheelchairs in 3d print

Wheelchair Ramps

Prosthesis printing Hand printed in 3d

Prosthetic Arms

Prosthetic Legs for Dogs

Prosthetic Legs for Dogs