The Izabel Lam Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to provide knowledge and opportunities to bridge the gap between creativity and technology.

The Foundation will seek to collaborate with individual professionals, other not-for-profit organization and/or for-profit organizations within different mediums of 3D printing and arts and to provide training, education to all who are interested, especially children and teens in underprivileged environments.

We will participate in programs or provide opportunities for interns and/or volunteers within the Foundation or the arts community in an effort to bring awareness and have a greater impact on the next generation of 3D artists, designers and technicians.

TEAM 3D "to empower all minds"  will be  the first Project of the Foundation - introducing the cutting edge technology of 3D PRINTING to all who are interested.  

At right is the work of one of the students at QUAD PREP SCHOOL in Manhattan.

3d printer working