A project of The Izabel Lam Charitable Foundation introducing the cutting edge technology of 3D PRINTING to all who are interested to learn about this remarkable new frontier to educate, excite, and encourage, energize, enhance and to empower all minds to engage in, explore, expand and embark on an infinite horizon of opportunities.


- To schedule demonstrations of 3D PRINTING to organization such as schools, churches and non-profits with community service activities in order to create awareness of this new technology.

- To set up a program to further provide knowledge and equipment for the technology.

- To promote students work and participate in regional and national shows.

To achieve this goal, a TEAM 3D STUDIO has been set up in Brooklyn, New York. There will be access to 3D printers, a powerful desktop computer with 3D design softwares and access to the internet. All demonstrations are free and available to all who are interested - by appointment only.

Please contact us : info@izabellam.com or telephone +1 917 291 5502